The 60/40 Stocks and Bonds Portfolio Narrative Officially Died in 2022

P.S. Its not coming back.

The world has changed and change is accelerating.

Start early and dollar cost average into the market.



But what about when that fails like it did in 2000… for 13 years. Or what if you had a “life event” 💰

  • sold a business

  • sold real estate

  • got a divorce

Or maybe you just worked hard and saved and you’re not up for losing it in rigged public markets built for insiders and the elite.

If, for whatever reason, you find yourself today with investible funds, a healthy distrust of traditional finance and you want to learn more about what the options really are and how the wealthy actually invest - then you’re in the right place.

I’m doing the leg-work for you.

You don’t have time to read all the market news and sit down with fund managers each week. Right?


  • Did you know that 81% of UHNW (Ultra High Net Worth) individuals are invested in alternatives?

  • Did you know that private equity, private investments, is the ONLY investment category that’s consistently outperformed the market?

  • Why are retail investors continually shut out or unaware of the highest performing investment options?

  • Why would you be fully exposed to wild volatility in the public markets when there are thousands of alternative options?

Probably because you don’t know about them.

I’m here to find out and to open those doors.

1️⃣ That’s why I sit down with investors, GPs (General Partners), fund managers, founders and CEOs of alternative investment platforms and funds each week.

2️⃣ That’s why I report on the financial news that Jim Cramer, CNBC, and the roster of big media talking heads, the soundbiters, don’t talk about.

3️⃣ I’ll help you connect the dots, with data, observation, references and reason to better understand what’s happening, what might happen, and why.

🚫 I’m not your financial advisor or a money guru.

🗺 I’m an explorer and I’ve got a mission, time, and money on my hands and I’ve got absolutely no filter.

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