Dec 22, 2022 • 34M

Income from Mortgage Note Investing for Everyone

Most mortgage note investments are restricted to accredited investors - 7e Investments changes all that.

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Brecht Palombo
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Chris Seveney isn’t afraid of challenges. When he first found mortgage investing he jumped right in and began to lear by doing, by investing.

Now, with a track record of success, he wants to make an investment that has been out of reach for most available to all.

Chris is the first fund manager I’ve spoken with to bring the alternative asset class of private mortgage notes to the masses.

I like investments in mortgage notes because 1) they offer regular monthly income 2) they are secured by real estate as collateral 3) people tend to pay their mortgage if at all possible 4) when a deal does go bad and a borrower stops paying whomever is the lowest in the capital stack has the safest investment.

This is not financial advice.