Feb 9 • 39M

Invest in Creators with BingeBuilder

BingeBuilder finds early stage promising creators, including YouTubers, and invests in their future earnings and IP value.

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Brecht Palombo
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Andre Washington, the founder of Binge Builder, has developed a platform to invest in early-stage creators and their intellectual property. He draws on his experience as a standup comedian and lawyer to create income share agreements, IP assignments, and investments into creator companies. This allows creators to benefit from the evergreen value of their IP, just like Marvel did.

Andre also works to ensure that invested creators are less likely to experience burnout by making sure they have a good idea of where they are, how they're feeling, and are getting support and referrals. He also looks for high-quality content, with high levels of engagement, as this is a sign of an activated community. For investors, Andre targets a net return of 2.5 to 3.5x and a timeline of 36 months. Investors can reach out to Andre on LinkedIn or Twitter, or contact him via the Binge Builder website.