Feb 2 • 27M

Invest in Premium Short Term Rentals with Techvestors

Proprietary software, premier properties, and centralized management help drive profitability

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Brecht Palombo
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Not an accredited investor? Check out Arrived where anyone can invest in fractional short term rentals.

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Techvestors is a fund that buys single-family homes nationwide and converts them into Airbnbs. They have a proprietary software that helps them narrow down viable markets and a vertically integrated operations team that handles construction, remodeling, furnishing, and design. They are currently in 10 markets, including mountain, beach, and city locations, and have 70 properties in their portfolio.

Their target annual cash flow is 9-12% and their target IRR is 17-24%. They have a minimum investment of $25,000 and do not have any fees. They are looking for high W2 income earners who don't have the time to manage a single property, but want the lucrative cash flow. Techvestors is a great option for investors who want to spread out their risk across multiple markets.