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Invest in Income Producing Websites with TreasureHunter Media

High traffic established websites, managed by experts, can offer exceptionally high margins and very compelling returns.

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Treasure Hunter Media is a private investment fund that specializes in income-producing websites. Founded by experienced entrepreneurs, the fund acquires websites in the $300K to $1 million range and combines them into portfolios to take advantage of synergies and multiples. With a high EBIT margin of 60-80%, Treasure Hunter Media could be a great investment opportunity.

The fund is targeting a 3x-3.5x return on investment over a five year period, with quarterly dividends of 15% and a liquidation preference of 1x. Investors have the option of investing as accredited or non-accredited investors, with a minimum investment of $10,000.

What makes Treasure Hunter Media stand out from other asset aggregators is their focus on content sites, which often have more stability in the long run. Content creators are passionate about their topics, and are looking for ways to monetize their content, making them prime targets for acquisition.

To learn more about the fund and investment opportunities, interested parties can reach out to Benjamin Chart via email at Benjamin.Schardt@TreasureHunter.media, or connect with him on LinkedIn.