Jan 19 • 40M

Invest in Tokenized Real Estate with HoneyBricks

Tokenization of real estate provides liquidity previously unavailable for private real estate investments.

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Brecht Palombo
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HoneyBricks provides a two-sided marketplace for investors to access tokenized commercial real estate on the blockchain, and for sponsors to raise and manage capital. Co-founder and CEO Andy Crebar has a background in investment banking and technology, and the company was founded in February 2021. HoneyBricks focuses on equity investments, providing access, efficiency, and transparency to investors.

HoneyBricks has developed a platform for tokenizing commercial real estate, creating a more efficient and transparent way for investors to access equity investments. By utilizing blockchain technology, investors can benefit from the added liquidity it provides, allowing them to reinvest in more opportunities or investments.

The company focuses on internal rates of return anywhere from 12-18%, with development opportunities at 20-25% and core plus deals with 7% cash on cash returns. However, these returns are changing rapidly due to market cycles and interest rates.

For more information, visit HoneyBricks.com.