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Invest in Diversified Residential Real Estate, Mortgage Notes, and Tax Liens with NNG Capital

Creative real estate strategies help drive the success of NNG Capital

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If you want the man investing your money to be unstoppable then Fuquan Bilal is your guy. That’s not hyperbole, we’re talking about a guy who was SHOT 5 TIMES and still that didn’t stop him. Seriously.

Fuquan Bilal is the founder of NNG Capital Fund, which invests in alternative assets such as fix and flips and multi-families for cash flow. Fuquan has been investing in real estate since 1999 and has gone through two market cycles, including the 2008 crash. He has learned the importance of having a strong network and has built his own team to do the actual flips. He is now running his seventh fund and is focused on the southeast region of the United States.

He provides investors with a target return of 9 to 11%, with the option of compounding returns in Class B investments. He also offers creative strategies such as seller financing, which allows sellers to become the bank and get a portion of the profits later. His team consists of 10 people, ranging from construction managers to asset managers, to ensure quality products. To learn more, investors can visit NNG Capital Fund.com.