Dec 1, 2022 • 30M

Alternative Investments for Anyone with SwellMoney

Kevin Dahlstrom is Passionate about making alternative investments and better money management accessible for everyone.

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Brecht Palombo
Curated alternative investment ideas each week plus contrarian market news and analysis for self-directed independent investors
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Today’s guest had been in the traditional banking space for years. He’s also been a real estate investor for decades.

What Kevin saw in the market is that most financial institutions don’t have their customers best interest at heart. He found that rather than helping people make better financial decisions traditional finance often set people up for the worse and not the better.

Kevin is looking to change all that with his new business Swell at

Swell is a new way to bank and invest that is open to investors at all levels. Listen in on this episode to learn about how Kevin - an accomplished executive, entrepreneur and investor - thinks about money and investing, his golden rules for real estate investing, and how his new company Swell aims to change the way people invest.