Nov 22, 2022 β€’ 28M

Invest in the Solar Tsunami 🌊

$400B in funding secured

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Brecht Palombo
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We talked this week about the tsunami of government funding moving into renewables in the United States.

Today you’ll hear from someone on the front edge of this wave 🌊

Here’s what you need to know:

πŸ’― States representing more than half of the population of the United States have mandates to move to 100% renewable energy over the next 1-2 decades.

πŸ”† By 2030 its estimated that we’ll get 30% of our power from the sun.

↗️ Today solar produces less than 3% - growth is going to be massive.

πŸ¦… Now the government has queued up nearly $400B to make this bird sing.