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Investing in Mortgage Notes for Passive Income with Labrador Lending

Investing in Mortgage Notes for Passive Income with Labrador Lending

While the public markets are getting slammed some alternative investments soldier on grinding out 8% returns or better.

Today we’ll take a look at one.

🎙 Tune in to learn:

  • How this GP got started in real estate

  • How he found the mortgage note business and why he loves it

  • Details on what they’re buying, where and why

  • A look at what this market has in store for us and how Labrador is tackling it

Jamie Bateman started in real estate using the BRRRR method which he talks about in our interview.

After discovering mortgage note investing through his network he was quickly won over. Fast forward and Jamie has built a tiered income fund that’s secured by re-performing first position mortgage notes.

We go in depth on how he built his business and then his fund, how they choose the investments, the risks involved and how they mitigate them, how they achieve the returns and more.

Mortgage note investing is one of our favorite investments because it provides reliable income that’s secured by a hard asset low in the stack and requires little management compared to traditional real estate investments.

Jamie was referred by good friend in the business and in this episode of #AltReports Radio he tells us how he got started, what his investments look like today, and what he has planned for the future.

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