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Local Private Lending and Financial Independence

Local Private Lending and Financial Independence

Interview with Dawn Rickabaugh the Note Queen

In the inaugural episode of #AltReports Radio I sit down with Dawn Rickabaugh, the Note Queen, to talk about local private lending and financial independence.

Private lending can provide a reliable income that's secured by collateral.

Traditionally investors rely heavily on bonds for income and to balance their losses when equities fall. Now, this year, the bond market has suffered historic losses wiping out a decade of returns at the same time that stocks are falling.

If you're looking for cash flow its time to look outside the bond market and that's why we're exploring alternatives on this show.

In today's episode I talk about the passive income business that our guest has built in private real estate lending, note investing, and real estate.

This is our first episode so its pretty raw. We didn't add a lot of bells and whistles but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

About Our Guest

Dawn Rickabaugh has been investing in real estate and real estate backed private loans for multiple decades.

Starting as a nurse, she didn't have a background in finance or banking but she knew she wanted to stop trading hours for dollars. She educated herself and built a business and portfolio that provides just that.

Dawn has built an admirable real estate and private lending business from her home in Carson City, Nevada and its afforded her financial security and independence.

If you're interested in learning more about private lending and the "note business" drop us a comment below or reply to the email in your inbox.

Where to Find Dawn

📞 (775) 291-2009

📼 Dawn's Youtube Channel

🌐 NoteQueen.com

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